Wulf Behr Kartoffelpuffer

Alpine Guide


Field Agent of the OSS, OSI, X-2 Branch
Rank: Veteran
Born: 1914
Race: German
Clothing: Bundenhosen
Languages: German, English, Italian, Finnish

45 EXP


Attributes Derived Skills
Agility d8 Parry 6
Smarts d8 Tough 6
Spirit d10 Charisma 2
Strength d6 Move 6 +d6
Vigor d8
Shooting d8 Stealth d6+2
Fighting d8 Climbing d6
Notice d4+2 Survival (alpine, jungle) d8+2
Throwing d6 Knowledge (Alps) d4
Tracking d8+2 Navigation d4
Edges Hindrances
Alertness [Notice+2] Vengeful (major)
Attractive [Charisma+2] Curious (minor)
Rock and Roll Phobia (minor) fear of boats
[+2 Tracking, Survival, Stealth]

M1 Garand rifle
M1911 Colt pistol
Bowie fighting knife
Army CoE Lensatic Compass
Wetzlar 7×58 Binoculars
Map case (with maps)

Montblanc Mountaineering Boots
Flecktarn Poncho
Tyrolean Cap

Web belt:
Ammo Pouch (M1 clips and M1911 clips)

Aircrew survival kit


Wulf is the third and youngest child of a German-Finnish family living in Berchtesgaden. Born and raised in the Bavarian Alps, he always enjoyed playing and working in the mountains. As a boy he competed in mountain running marathons, and as a young man he was a stormtrooper in the Sturmabteilung. He enjoyed success there until the Night of the Long Knives, when Hitler ordered a blood purge and executed hundreds of political rivals in the Sturmabteilung.

One of those murdered was Gustav Ritter von Kahr, a monarchist who long opposed HItler’s regime. Gustav was Wulf’s mentor, and Wulf was his confidant. Wulf looked up to the older right-wing politician and formed his young beliefs around Gustav’s manifesto.

On June 30, 1934, Gustav was abducted from his Munich apartment and tortured by two SS members enroute to the Dachau concentration camp. After his arrival there, Kahr was shot by Johann Kantschuster on orders of Theodor Eicke, the camp commandant. For this, Wulf holds a deep and bitter need for vengeance.

Wulf returned to his family in Berchtesgaden and convinced them to flee with him to the west. Wulf’s father Behr Wulf Kartoffelpuffer joined the allies in France and flew reconnaissance missions over Germany taking spy photographs of industrial complexes. Later, the young son took the rest of the family to America.

The OSS quickly recruited young Wulf into the OSI, the branch dealing with Hitler’s occult activities,. He dutifully joined their ranks with the goal of one day finding those responsible for Gustav’s death.


Wulf Behr Kartoffelpuffer

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