Lodd "Gun Mule" Yegor

Brawny, quiet and loyal to a fault.



Experience Counter—- 41 (every 5 points gets an Advance)
Novice—- : + 1 Vigor, Luck, Great Luck, Skill raise.
Seasoned: + 1 Vigor, Steady Hands, Rock N’ Roll. Combat Reflexes.
His father was a bear, his mother was a she-wolf, but he was trapped like a rat by a pack of dogs. Used as a human punching bag by his Nazi captors in Stalag VIIIB, Lodd was quick to join a team of escapees. Although a Latvian resistance fighter with loose ties to the Soviet Union, he has grown accustomed to serving with his new band of brothers in their forays behind enemy lines and delves into the darker side of war. Armed with his lucky un-dying boar tusk and even luckier standard issue Bazooka Lodd is ready to face whatever black magic and bullets the Nazi’s have to offer.

Lodd "Gun Mule" Yegor

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