Escape From Stalag VIIIB

Abwehr, Brandenburgers & Swedes

3 August 1943

Piotr is lost in thought and not doing a terribly good job of keeping watch and so the first thing he knows about the fact that the group has visitors is a banging on the corrugated metal that they pushed against the main entrance to hide Betty.

Piotr strides over to see who is at the door as the others raise themselves from slumber and grab their weapons nervously.

Upon sliding the crude door open, Piotr is presented with the sight of two Germans dressed in brown leather coats who are accompanied by four Brandenburger commandos.

This does not look good.

The elder of the two men doffs his hat to Piotr.

“Guten Abend,” he says. “Ich bin Major Schmidt von der Abwehr.”

Piotr replies with a salute:

“Guten Abend, Hauptsturmf├╝hrer Klein von der SS.”

The Major smiles an evil smile.

“Ach so, it is sehr kind of die SS to do ze verk von die SS in uncovering members of the Polischer Resistance, but now it is time for us to take over die job from hier.”

“So if Sie vill just give us die captured Polischer Schewinehunden, zen ve vill be on our way.”

Piotr plays it cool:

“Ve are on ein spezial mission authorized by Herr Himmler himself,” Piotr says. “Meinen Papieren.”

With this he hands over the documents taken from the SS-Witch.

The Major takes the papers and looks over them carefully. As he does so, a large grin comes over his face.

“Mein Gott! Ich haff seen some bad passport photos in meinen life before, but zis ist der worst that ich haff ever seen! It looks nicht like Sie at all!”

Piotr stays cool.

“In that case, maybe this will convince you.”

With this he pulls out his Luger and pumps two bullets into the Major at point blank range. The Major crumples over and dies with a look of shock on his face. Before the others have figured out what just happened, Piotr is off further into the building, turning as soon as he gets into cover and pumping another couple of shots into the other Abwehr officer, killing him instantly as well.

Now all hell lets lose as another eight Brandenburgers storm the building from left and right. Bob takes a shot at one of the Brandenburgers, but misses. The Brandenburger hides behind a burnt out car and returns fire with his G43 sniper rifle, catching Bob in the shoulder knocking him back.

In the centre of the warehouse, Witold rushes to try and arm himself. Piotr tosses Witold his nearly spent Luger but before Witold has a chance to use it, he is caught by a Nazi bullet. Piotr gets revenge with his Radom ViS 35 by bringing down a couple more Nazis.

Meanwhile, the centre of the warehouse is sprayed with automatic fire exchanged between Terry and Lodd with their MG34’s and the Nazis with their MP40’s. Fortunately Terry is in a good position as the bullets spray around him and Lodd manages to escape any serious injury as well.

On the eastern flank, Taffy, The Padre and Piotr try and keep the four Brandenburgers at bay. Taffy gets hit badly by one of them, but The Padre manages to take one of them out with his Luger.

At the front of the building, Bob is continuing his sniper versus sniper battle against the Brandenburger outside as he fights off his wounds. The wounds are affecting his aim badly though and he gets hit for a second time, which sends him crumpling to the ground. As he does so, a Nazi machinegunner comes up the stairs. Bob plays dead until the machinegunner is right up next to him before quickly bringing up his Mauser and shooting the Brandenburger in the gut.

Outside, the sniper who inflicted Bob’s injuries also gets his comeuppance. From the shadows, two figures emerge – the singer from the nightclub and her piano player. The singer produces a Husqvarna m/40 Pistol and shoots the sniper in the back while the piano player runs around the flank with his Suomi KP/-31 machine pistol.

By the time he gets into the building, however, the tide has started to turn against the Nazis. Although Terry takes a serious wound, together he and Lodd manage to gun down the remaining Nazis with the assistance of Taffy and Piotr shooting down the corridor. Lodd finally manages to take out the last of them.

Once the last of the Germans are down, the Padre rushes out to start patching up the wounded. He has plenty of work to do, starting with Witold. By the time he has finished, all of the injured are in a stable condition. While Padre is patching up the good guys, Terry and Taffy go around making sure all of the Nazis are well and truly dead.

The singer and the piano player introduce themselves while the Padre is patching everyone up. They reveal themselves to be Agneta and Bjorn – Swedish spies. They offer the group a deal – if they can take a copy of the Peenem├╝nde plans, they will arrange transfer across the Baltic to Sweden and passage from there back to England. Not surprisingly, Witold is very much against this plan, explaining that he is in direct contact with England and can get them extracted immediately – without them having to cross the entire territory of Poland to get there. Equally unsurprisingly, Piotr agrees with Witold. One by one, the others agree, preferring that the plans are sent straight to the Allies and not shared with any neutral nations.

All apart from Lodd, this is, as he continues to stand drooling over the Scandinavian blonde as he did at their meeting outside the club earlier. He is standing closest to her and thinking about how nice it would be to sing a duet with her when Agneta realizes that they she is not going to get the party members to agree to show them the plans.

And so the Swedes try force, as Agneta raises her pistol and Bjorn his machine pistol.

Lodd sighs, thinking, “Sure, she was hot and all. But nobody pulls a gun on his comrades!”

Lodd doesn’t hesitate – and smacks Agneta with the back of his hand, neatly bitch-slapping her and sending her sprawling to the ground, completely out cold. Taffy has his MP40 pointed at Bjorn, who sensibly drops his machine pistol and puts his hands up in the air.

“We all need to get out of here as quickly as possible now,” Witold says. “We have a safehouse around 10 miles from here, outside the city. You will be safe there, but we need to get out of here now in case the gun battle was heard and someone will be coming to investigate.”

Non one can argue with Witold’s logic. They tie up the two Swedes and bundle them into the back of the Sd. Kfz. 251/1 then those in civvies put their SS uniforms back on. Piotr gets the location and code words from Witold and then the two Poles shake hands and Witold slips into the darkness of the night.

Piotr gets into the cab alongside Terry:

“OK, let’s move out. I have all of the information that we need.”

Terry lets out the clutch, reverses the half-track and they set off away from the warehouse.


Are there any tools around the guardhouse etc. I am thinking specifically hatchets and axes.

Abwehr, Brandenburgers & Swedes

Lodd had the best idea (actually Russ, help yourself to a Benny for that!). Your entrenching tool is a pretty decent hand-to-hand weapon. I’m going to say that it is STR + d6 as it should be about as effective as an average hatchet.

Abwehr, Brandenburgers & Swedes

Good thinking. Terry will grab a hammer if need be…

Abwehr, Brandenburgers & Swedes

Just for role playing sake after the big gun fight Lodd was all googly eyes for Agneta the singer. Her plans to lead them to Sweden is perfect for him because just recently he read an article comparing Scandinavian chicks to English chicks and, well, the hottie Sweds won. He was closest to her and half listening to the arguments about copies and stuff, just thinking how nice it would be to sing a duet with her when she whipped out her gun.
Sure, she was hot and all, but Nobody pulls a gun on his comrades! (Loyalty Hindrance)
He back-handed, bitch-slapped her once and she was knocked out.
(Butt of a machine gun?…too crude even for Lodd.)

Abwehr, Brandenburgers & Swedes

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