The Great Escape Loot

Looted from the great escape while in transit to Delbrückschächte Hindenburg coal mine:

Wehrmacht uniforms x 8
Bayonets x 8
Entrenching Tool x 8
ID Papers x 8

(Each party members has one of the above)

MG34 + 100 rounds x 2 (Terry, Lodd)
Mauser Kar 98K + 30 rounds x 3 (Bob, Taffy, Piotr)
Luger P08 + 24 rounds (All but Lodd)

25 Reichsmarken (Piotr)
Travel documents to Delbrückschächte Hindenburg (Piotr)
4 days rations (from Red Cross Parcels)
Medical Kit – 8 uses remaining (Bruce)

Please correct me if you want to reassign any of the equipment from the above list.

The Great Escape Loot

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