Starting Gear

Each character starts with:

The uniform that they were wearing when they were captured (probably very ragged by now).
A greatcoat.
One change of socks and underwear.
If they had any personal items of no practical use when they were picked up, they would have been allowed to keep them.

Every two weeks, they receive a Red Cross Parcel consisting of:

1/4 lb packet of tea
Tin of cocoa powder
Bar of milk or plain chocolate
Tinned pudding
Tin of meat roll
Tin of processed cheese
Tin of condensed milk (Klim—a Canadian instant milk beverage—or else Carnation or Nestle brand)
Tin of dried eggs
Tin of sardines or herrings
Tin of preserve
Tin of margarine
Tin of sugar
Tin of vegetables
Tin of biscuits
Bar of soap
Tin of 50 cigarettes

In addition, the Padre has half an American Red Cross Medical Kit, consisting of:

A twelve-page booklet with instructions for use of the enclosed medical supplies, printed in English, French, German, Polish and Serbian
Five packages of sterilized gauze, in two different sizes
One package containing 250 laxative pills
One package containing 250 aspirin tablets
Six gauze bandages
One cans of insecticide powder
One tube of boric acid antiseptic ointment
One package containing 250 sodium bicarbonate tablets
One tube of Salicylic ointment (for treatment of athlete’s foot and similar fungal diseases)
One tube of Mercuric antiseptic ointment
Two tubes of sulphur ointment (for treatment of skin diseases)
One box containing 50 band-aids
One roll of adhesive tape
One one-ounce package of absorbent cotton
Safety pins, forceps, soap, disinfectants and scissors.

Starting Gear

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