Escape From Stalag VIIIB

Retaking the Sub
October 31, 1943

Before the group was able to re-position themselves to face on oncoming vehicles, the familiar sound of MG42 fire started up from the conning tower once again, sending a hail of bullets chewing up the concrete beneath their feet. It was soon, silenced, however as Jorge calmly advanced towards it and lobbed a grenade right into the top of the tower, taking the four Kriegsmarine out instantly.

No sooner was that problem taken care of that the new one emerged – as two Hanomags came hurtling down the dockside towards them, also wildly spraying MG fire in their general vicinity. The fire was ineffectual due to the darkness and the fact that the party members had all taken up good positions behind Drakul’s car.

Lodd took a running leap and managed to grab onto the side of the sub, hauling himself onto it, with Terry and the injured Gorich also scrambling onboard. While the Padre and the Popoviches struggled to put the gangplank into position so that the Popoviches could get away from the firefight as soon as possible, the remaining party members held off the Germans’ attack.

With the majority of the Germans armed only with Kar-98’s and stumbling around in the darkness, they offered up easy pickings for the party members. Jorge took several of them out with a couple of grenades, as did Taffy from his vantage point up in one of the cranes. Lodd added to the slaughter with a blast from his bazooka.

The Nazis’ attack was badly coordinated so that, by the time that the second squad had arrived on the scene, the first squad had already been taken out all but a couple of stragglers who had found cover in the warehouse. Although several were taken out on the way, one of them managed to bayonet the Padre in the leg before he was taken out – along with the remainder of the second squad.

Just as it appeared that the fight was over and the rearguard was about to get onboard to sub, the remainder of the platoon arrived in a third SdKfz. arriving from the east side of the dock. Fortunately the vampires’ trucks were blocking the way, allowing Terry to take out several of the freshly arriving Germans before they could close on the rest of the party. The remainder were taken down by Jorge, Bob, Taffy and Piotr before Lodd could get either his bazooka or the 4" deck gun to bear upon them.

The dockside was now clear. Only the sub needed to be dealt with.

The remainder of the party all boarded the sub, squeezing into the conning tower. Gorich had been keeping an eye on the ladder up from the bridge, but it would appear that the Kriegsmarine down below were opting for the party members to bring the fight to them.

Knowing that the bridge area of the HMS Torbay offered plenty of perfect nooks and crannies for the Kriegsmarine to hide behind, taking out the party members one-by-one as they descended the ladder, Terry lobbed a smoke grenade down the hatch and waited for thirty seconds until the bridge would be totally full before the party members started to cautiously make their way down the ladder and started stumbling around the bridge, trying to remember what routes lead where.

It was Bob who made first contact with the Kriegsmarine as one of them fired out at him with a Luger from the Gyro Room. His nervous shot was off-target though and Bob soon took him down. Towards the aft of the ship, Jorge and Taffy were less lucky as they were both injured by Kriegsmarine leaping out upon them from their concealed position. Two of them tried to gang up on Piotr, but with a little help from Lodd and Bob, they didn’t last too long.

Kriegsmarine seemed to be coming out of them from the smoke in every direction, but the party members, who were all now also armed with pistols, took them all out no sooner had they rushed through the smoke towards them.

After a brief firefight, the bridge fell silent. The remaining Kriegsmarine seem to have decided that it was going to be better to bide their time until they could ambush the party members.

The group split up, with Bob, Terry, Katherine and Gorich heading for the engine room, while the remainder of the party headed aft. The bow of the sub proved to be empty, however. There were several Kriegsmarine hiding among the sub-officers’ messes and Piotr got hit by one of them, but they were quickly taken out by Jorge and Taffy.

The final four Kriegsmarine were hiding among the boxes of arms and ammo that were stored in the sub’s torpedo storage bay. But Taffy and Jorge were able to finish off the four of them without further incident.

Piotr opened the door to the torpedo room and, much to his relief, saw that it was packed like sardines full of the crew of the HMS Torbay. The party members were as relieved to see Lieutenant Clutterbuck as he was them as they realized that they aren’t going to have to walk back from Romania.

The party members all come to help untie the captives.

“Thanks, chaps,” Lieutenant Clutterbuck says as soon as he is ungagged. “Am I right to assume that it’s full astern and out of here on the double?”

“You are, indeed,” Piotr replies.

Clutterbuck barks out orders and the crew members run to their positions as soon as they are freed.

Taffy orders Lodd to bring his MG42 with him as the pair of them head backup to the conning tower to keep an eye out for any German reinforcements who may be on their way. However, although there is the sound of much activity in the rest of the town, no more Germans come into sight before Clutterbuck comes up to join them and orders the engine room to pull back from the dockside.

To everyone’s relief, the sub starts heading away from the dockside and the Romanian coast, out towards the comforting darkness of the Black Sea. As soon as they are over a mile away from the shore, the three of them head back down to the bridge and HMS Torbay sinks beneath the waves.

Immediately after the sub is submerged, Lieutenant Clutterbuck asks everyone to come with him back to his mess for a debriefing. Here the party members learn the missing pieces of the jigsaw.

Clutterbuck informs them that he received another message from Paula 24 hours earlier saying that there had been a change of plan – that the HMS Torbay was to head for a different harbour, Agigea, some 20 miles to the north. It was here that the crew were ambushed and the sub taken over by the Kriegsmarine who crewed it back to Mangalia.

Gorich was particularly furious at this turn of events. He calms down a short while later, however, when he realizes that they have still managed to achieve the primary objective of the mission as the Popoviches were safely extracted and that Churchill was going to be relieved that he didn’t accidentally sign control of Romania over to a vampire.

Clutterbuck dismisses everyone, thanking them once again for their help and everyone heads to their bunks.

Requiem for a Vampire
October 31, 1943

Drakul’s castle had hardly been the most comfortable place to spend 48 hours, but their host was hospitable and the party members were well looked after. But all were relieved when it was time to make the exchange and get back to the sub.

The party and the partisans headed out just after midnight. Drakul accompanied the Popoviches in his car, with the party members following on behind in a convoy of three trucks. After 90 minutes of driving, they can hear the sound of gunfire in the distance. Obviously the partisans’ diversionary attack is already underway.

The convoy reaches the dockside at 01.45 and everyone gets out of the trucks and awaits the arrival of the submarine. Drakul appears to be very nervous once again as he awaits the culmination of many months of negotiation.

Everyone looks relieved when they see the outline of the HMS Torbay slowly moving towards the dockside – right on time. Half of Drakul’s partisans head towards the dockside to take the ropes to secure the sub.

The first clue everyone has that something has gone horribly wrong is when there is an almighty ‘BOOM’ and part of the disused warehouse along the dockside is blown sky high. The sound is immediately joined by what everyone immediately realizes is MG-42 fire. Everyone looks around and can just make out that the crew of the deck gun and in the conning tower are not wearing Royal Navy uniforms – they are wearing uniforms of the Kriegsmarine.

A voice booms out in front of them:


As they look back, then see to their horror that Drakul is transforming – into a vampire. A split-second later and the partisans start to transform as well.

All of the party members are aghast. But not as aghast as Bruce. He’s really aghast.


With that, he pulls out his pocket bible and thrusts it towards Drakul, leading the vampire to recoil with a growl. With his other hand, Bruce pulls out his trusty Colt and shoots Drakul in the leg, which makes him recoil even more.

With that, everyone lunges for one another. In the chaos, Paula runs away from the others and leaps into the inky blackness of the Black Sea.

Jorge immediately runs after her.


With that, he lobs a grenade at the point at which she leaped into the water and then sprays the area with Sten fire just to be on the safe side. He is rewarded by the sight of Paula’s lifeless form bobbing around in a slick of blood.

Lodd, Piotr and the Padre are immediately locked in combat with Drakul and two of the partisans. Between the three of them and a well-aimed burst from Taffy’s Browning, Drakul is soon taken out. However, rather than stopping the vampires, it just makes things worse as his senior NCOs pile into the combat rather than guarding the Popoviches. The other half of the partisans are slugging it out with the Kriegsmarine.

Taffy shouts to the Popoviches to run away as he brings down another partisan with another burst. The Padre finds himself in the thick of the combat as the vampires pile into him. Piotr comes to his assistance, but there are still a lot of them to contend with.

Just as they are starting to thin out the vampires a little, the other group of partisans manage to finish off the Kriegsmarine and join in the fight with the party members. Paul gets badly mauled by one of the vampires, but manages to disengage from the fight and heroically takes out several of the newly arriving vampires with grenades, assisted by some well-aimed shots from Bob.

Although the rank and files vampires are going down relatively easily, Drakul’s senior NCO’s are offering up much more of a challenge. One of them lunges for Terry who tries to sucker punch one of them and gets badly mauled, dropping to the ground. The Padre also gets badly ripped up as he continues to try and fend them off. Taffy gets retribution by bringing one of the NCO’s down, while the remainder of the party gang up on bringing down the others.

Eventually, all of the vampires are slain. The Padre heals himself of his wounds and then immediately tends to Terry. Fortunately, The Padre’s holy laying on of hands performs its usual miracles and Terry is soon back on his feet again.

And not a moment too soon. Before the party members are able to regain their composure, all hear the sound of vehicles heading right in their direction.

An Audience with Drakul
October 28, 1943

It had been shortly after camouflaging the inflatables that the party members put their plan into action.

“We have something important to tell you,” Taffy said in his most serious tone, looking each of the S.I.S. agents in the eye one by one.

“We have a traitor in our midst.”

His comment is met by silence initially. All of the S.I.S, agents start looking at one another nervously. It doesn’t take too long before the questions start coming:

“But who? How do you know? How can it have happened?” Katherine starts.

One by one, all of the other agents start joining in bombarding Taffy and the others for more information. Taffy goes through everything that the party members know.

Whoever the real traitor is, he or she is either well-trained or good at acting as there is no clue as to the traitor’s identity from his or her actions.

“This is all we know,” Taffy finishes. “We just wanted to fill you all in so that you can keep an eye on the others. You’re all now in as much danger as we are. So consider yourselves warned and pay close attention to everyone’s actions. If you see anything suspicious from anyone, then let me know immediately.”

“Now let’s go.”

The group follows Taffy’s lead, marching in silence, all pondering the information that they have learned.

- – -

As Paul had warned them, tracking down Vlad Drakul was not a simple matter. Finding the member of his cell was easy enough – they had accomplished that by early the first morning. The Romanian let the group use his modest cottage as a safehouse while he and Paul headed off to hunt down Drakul.

Paul and the Romanian were gone a long time – more than 24 hours. Paula had started to panic that Paul had been captured and that the whole mission was in ruins, but the others manage to calm her down and tell her to just keep waiting.

Eventually, Paul and the Romanian arrive – in a covered truck.

“We’ve found him,” Paul says, much to Paula’s relief. “He’s based in the ruins of a castle deeper in the hills. It’s about two hours’ drive from here.”

“We should get going immediately,” Paula says packing her gear. “The longer we wait, the more chances there are for something to go wrong.”

- – -

“That must be it up ahead,” says Paul, nodding towards a tumbledown old keep at the peak of a steep hill, occasionally illuminated by lightning as they managed to coincide their arrival with a bitter storm.

By the time that the truck pulls up outside the castle, there are at least twenty nervous-looking partisans surrounding it, all pointing MP-40’s at them.

Slowly and cautiously, Paul and the Romanian both get out of the truck with their hands held high in the air. Whatever they said to the partisans was masked by the thunder, but it obviously works, as the partisans immediately relax and put down their weapons. Paul beckons for the others to get out of the truck and then the partisans lead them into the ruins.

After a few minutes delay, they are ushered into one of the intact areas of the castle. Sat behind a long table, flanked by more partisans is. presumably, Vlad Drakul.

“Sit you all,” Drakul says, in very poor English.

Drakul seems ordinary enough. In fact he seems even more nervous about meeting the agents than the agents are about meeting him.

Paul, the Romanian and Paul sit next to Drakul and Paul begins talking to him in Romanian while the rest sit anxiously awaiting a resolution to the meeting. They spend twenty minutes negotiating until Paul turns to Paula and says:

“Have you got the document?”

Paula nods and reaches into her fatigues and pulls out an envelope, which is sealed with red wax. She passes it over to Drakul.

Excitedly, Drakul breaks open the seal and studies the contents. Whatever is contained within obviously meets with his approval as a brief smile crosses his face.

He clicks his fingers and barks out an order to his minions. A couple of minutes later and the henchmen return accompanied by a middle-aged couple. By the look of intense relief on the faces of both Paul and Paula, presumably these are the Popoviches. They seem to be as relieved to see all of you as you are them. They appear to be in good health and show no signs of bad treatment.

Vlad barks out another order and the henchmen take the Popoviches away again. Paul objects, but Vlad just shakes his head. Another round of negotiations begin – this one lasts for half an hour before Vlad, Paul and Paula seem to finally agree on terms and a plan.

Paul explains to the others:

“So Vlad knows of a small harbour which is only very lightly garrisoned as it is only used by fishermen these days. The night after next, the majority of his partisans will launch a diversionary attack to draw away the garrison. He has a radio and so we will give coordinates to the sub to be in position at 0200. This will give us enough time to unload the weapons and swap them for the Popoviches.”

“Who is sending the radio message?” Taffy asks suspiciously.

“I am the only ones with the codes,” Paula says.

“Why don’t you give us the codes and we will send the message?” Taffy ‘suggests’.

Paula just shrugs. “That’s fine with me if yo’re happier that way.”

And so Paula, Paul and Taffy are led by one of Drakul’s partisans to the radio room to send the message.

“Good,” says Paul with relief. “Now we just have to wait. Drakul will accommodate us for the next 48 hours until it is time to make the exchange.”

The Final Mission Briefing
October 26, 1943

No one was too keen on hanging around much longer in the abandoned farmhouse – not with the sound of half tracks in the distance moving in their direction:

“Those SS and their wehrwolves and wizards didn’t just pass by here by accident,” Paul says bitterly. “Turkey is a neutral country or at least it was last thing I heard.”

Bruce nods sagely in agreement.

“You’re right, Paula. No way would they keep powerful assets like that in a backwater place like this. They’re too important. I reckon that they were sent here just to take us down.”

“Exactly,” Paula agrees. “And only two people knew that we were coming – or should know – and that’s me and Mustafa. And as you have seen from the fact that they were trying to take me out along with the rest of you. It wasn’t me. I think it’s time to abandon this mission. Mustafa must have been turned.”

The others have no arguments with this and so quickly pack up the remainder of their gear and head back towards the beach, taking a circuitous route in order to avoid any more Nazis that may be on their way.

They manage to make it back to the beach a little over an hour before dawn, just giving them enough time to paddle out to where the HMS Torbay surfaces in order to pick them up again. The vessel submerges just as the first rays of dawn break over the horizon.

Exhausted after the combat, everyone heads to their bunks and sleeps through until mid-afternoon.

It is shortly after their late breakfast that they are summoned to the ward room again for another meeting.

“So, as promised, we are now about to embark upon the final leg of the mission – no more agent pick-ups,” Paula starts. “I will now hand you over to Paul to brief you on the details.”

“Thank you, Paula,” Paul starts. “We will be going out in just a few hours’ time. We are already approaching the border between Bulgaria and Romania.”

“As you know, this character calling himself Vlad Drakul has the Popoviches and so we are to meet with him in order to exchange swap them for the weapons that we are carrying. Unfortunately, we don’t know exactly where he is based. So first we need to meet up with a member of my cell and work with him to try and track Vlad down. I have no idea whether this part of the exercise is going to take a few hours or a few days – naturally these partisans go to great lengths to hide their tracks.”

“Who is coming on the mission?” Taffy asks suspiciously.

“Well I need to go as they are my contacts,” Paul replies. “And Paula is the liaison officer and so needs to go as well. As for the rest of you, it’s up to you.”

He looks around the other S.I.S. agents who all look back at him. One by one, they all volunteer for the mission.

After a brief Q&A session, the meeting adjourns. The party members debate with one another as to whether they should allow everyone to come. In the end, they decide that it is better to have them all where they can see them, and so they leave the plan as it is.

A few hours later, just before midnight, the submarine services and they set off – for what they all hope is the last time – in the inflatables, making towards the short of Romania.

Horrors in the Night
October 25, 1943

Another night, another rendezvous.

It follows the regular pattern – half an hour to shore, camouflage the boats and then head inland to the rendezvous point. Fortunately this time it’s only an hour away from the boats, so they don’t need the same long march as they had on the previous leg.

Paula, after studying the map at regular intervals along the way points to a deserted farmhouse.

“This should be the place,” she says. “We are to light a fire to signal to Tarabya that we are here.”

And so they light a fire.

Not wanting to put themselves into an ambush position, they find a deserted cottage a couple of hundred yards to hole up in, while taking turns to go on watch to keep an eye our for Tarabya from hidden positions.

The first watch passes without incident and so the second watch consisting of Lodd, Paula and Terry takes position while the others go to the cottage to get some rest.

While resting, Piotr has a nightmare – a nightmare in which he is being attacked by a werewolf. As the werewolf rips into his flesh, Piotr realizes that it is no nightmare and reaches for his trust Szabla to try and parry the creature’s attacks. The other occupants of the cottage – Bruce, Bob and Taffy are quickly awake as they realize what’s going on and are soon peppering the creature with pistol shots.

The wehrwolf is not alone. Outside, Lodd gets hit by three bolts of magical energy and the air is filled with the automatic weapons fire from an accompanying SS unit.

The four inside manage to bring down the wehrwolf. As its wounds immediately start to heal, Piotr hacks the creature’s head off and The Padre tosses the abomination from the building. No sooner has he done so, however, than a wave of fear flows over the occupants as the blood mage accompanying the beast tries to pin them down.

Lodd picks up his trusty bazooka and takes out an MG42 crew before they can do any more damage. One of the SS tries to fight fire with fire with a Panzerfaust, but fortunately his aim is off. As Terry and Paula assist Lodd in dealing with the Nazis, another wave rushes towards them.

The blood mage sends another wave of fear at the occupants of the cottage – followed by a third, but Bob and Terry manage to wound him badly and so the blood mage retreats into the night.

The second wave is upon them now though. A second wehrwolf lunges at Lodd. As another MG42 crew readies their weapon, the Padre manages to obscure the party’s position with a spell, allowing Terry and Taffy to close upon the Nazis.

Piotr sees a couple more of them trying to come around the party’s flank – one of whom is carrying a Flammenwerfer, but manages to take the pair of them out with a grenade. The Padre sees another SS member about to toss a grenade into the cottage, but shoots him through the head with his automatic before he has a chance.

While Lodd continues to do battle with the wehrwolf, the party members start to get the upper hand on the remaining Nazis. The second blood mage let’s off another Fear spell, but the party members are getting used to them now. Terry, Taffy and Bob manage to take him out while Piotr deals with the remaining stragglers with the last of his grenades.

All of the Nazis are now dead or fleeing, with just the wehrwolf left in combat with Lodd. As the rest of the party members come to join him, they finally manage to take the beast down and, once again, Piotr hacks off the creature’s head with his Szabla.

Gorich's Briefing
October 24, 1943

The party members’ fears over the traitor striking while they were on the next leg of the mission proved to be unfounded, as this mission proved to be far less exciting and dangerous than any of the previous three.

It followed the usual routine – two inflatables heading out to the shore around midnight, followed by a long and arduous walk up narrow mountain trails to get into position for dawn. The monks at the first monastery were early risers and so the party members wait in hiding until Paula spots a monk emerging and goes to have a word with him. Unfortunately the monk has no idea about Gorich’s whereabouts and so the party is forced to walk to the next closest monastery to try again.

It is late in the afternoon by the time they get to the fourth monastery and everyone is already tired from the walking. But then they strike lucky finally as they see a group of monks tending olive bushes outside the monastery.

“I think that’s him,” says Katherine, nodding to one of the monks.

“I hope so,” says Paula. “I’ll go and check.”

Fortunately Katherine was right. The monk was Gorich and half an hour later he has packed his few belongings, said his farewells to the monks and come to join the party. Then there is another long slog ahead of them.

They managed to reach the shore a little after midnight and the boats are still where they left them. Thirty minutes of paddling the boats out later and they reach the HMS Torbay.

All are totally exhausted after 24 hours of practically non-stop walking and so they all head to their bunks.

It’s at a late breakfast that they all have another briefing and Gorich tells everyone the remaining details on the mission that has occupied them for the past week.

“After coming to Greece, running down a false lead,” Gorich starts, “my network finally located the Popoviches in Romania. I received a message from one of my Romanian agents who had made contact with a Romanian partisan who says that he knows the current whereabouts of the couple. For some reason, the partisan likes to call himself Vlad Drakul. Drakul, I have been told, has agreed to transport the two scientists to Constanta – for a price. Drakul wanted large amounts of arms and ammunition and recognition as the legal ruler of Romania once the war is over.”

“It took a lot of effort on behalf of the powers-that-be to agree to the second demand, but it was finally arranged.”

“So we need to head to Constanta in order to make contact with Vlad Drakul. At that time, the submarine will be directed to a deserted harbour and the exchange will be completed.”

As Gorich finishes, Paula interjects.

“Once we have picked up the Popoviches, we deliver them to Cyprus and then our mission is complete. But before we get to Constanta, we need to pick up one last agent – from Turkey.”

This latest piece of news is met with groans of protests.

“I know, I know,” she says defensively. “But the S.I.S. doesn’t get access to a submarine too easily and so we have to make the most of it when we do – especially when we need to pass within a few miles of the agent’s location anyway.”

Realizing that arguing is pointless, conversation moves to who is coming on this particular mission. Paula needs to come to confirm the identity of the agent who you are picking up – Mustafa Tarabya. After the grueling day before, none of the other agents are not insisting upon joining in again this time around.

Greece is the Word
October 22, 1943

The journey passed uncomfortably, with everyone constantly keeping an eye on the all of the suspects to see if any of them slips up in any way, while at the same time, trying to appear as if they suspect nothing. But all of the S.I.S. agents are acting exactly as they did before, giving no clues as to whom the double agent may be.

Paula calls everyone together for a briefing in a Lieutenant Clutterbuck’s wardroom, but it’s Katherine who does most of the talking.

“Gorich’s message said that he was hiding out in a monastery on Mount Talos, not far from Thessalonika, but he didn’t say exactly which one. And there are several different monasteries on the mountain, so we are going to have to find out which one.”

“So who is going on this mission this time?” Taffy asks, trying to sound nonchalant.

“Well I need to go as I am Gorich’s main contact,” Katherine says.

“I am the only one who speaks Greek, as far as I know,” says Paula. “And someone needs to ask for directions, so I need to go.”

“I have had enough of sitting inside this tin can for a week already,” says Jorge. “So I would like to go too.”

“Well if everyone else is going, then I may as well join you,” adds Ibrahim.

The party members exchange furtive glances with one another.

Bruce leads over and whispers to Taffy. “Remember what Sun-Tzu said, mate – ‘keep your friends close, and your enemies closer’.”

With both Paula and Katherine having valid reasons for wanting to come along and Ibrahim not under suspicion due to the fact that he should be floating face-down in the Mediterranean together with the rest of the party had the bomb gone off, it doesn’t seem worth revealing that the party are on to the fact that their is a traitor in their midst just for the sake of Jorge, and so they agree to the four S.I.S. agents coming with them – although all agree to watch all three suspects like hawks.

Presenting the Evidence
October 18, 1943

Lieutenant Clutterbuck looks silently at the disabled explosive device sat in the middle of the desk, the six party members all sat around him. A look of bewilderment and confusion writ large upon his face.

At least the rest of the Libyan mission had all gone to plan. Finding the farm proved to be no problem and a sleepy-looking Haddad answered the door a short while after they knocked upon it, giving the right codephrase in response. The boat journey back to the sub was without incident too.

None of the S.I.S. agents were around when they returned. All were sleeping, or supposedly sleeping at least.

Lieutenant Clutterbuck finally releases a long, deep sigh.

“I don’t really know what to say,” he admits. “All of this cloak and dagger business is not my business at all. I’m just here to get the sub to where you chaps tell me to take it. I don’t even know why I am taking you wherever it is that you’re going and that suits me just fine.”

“This is Fleming’s mess to clear up, not mine,” he continues. “But only the S.I.S. agents have the right cyphers to communicate with him.”

“All I know is that the overall mission is of the utmost importance – a matter of extreme national importance and urgency and that my orders are to get you safely to your destination, even if it means risking the sub and crew.”

“I’m sorry, chaps,” he finishes. “But it looks like you are on your own with regards to resolving this mess somehow.”

“Your sub may be at risk here” says Taffy. “So you need to take all precautions. None of the agents are coming with us this time, and for all we know they may ALL be guilty.”

“I’d suggest you have armed men on standby, and that their access is restricted due to Important Repairs or something. I’d also be wary of their access to weapons when on board, and Sweep the ship for explosives when they’re off.”

“In fact it seems suspicious to me that they’re not coming with us. It may be that this mission is a wild goose chase with us supposedly ending up at the bottom of the sea in an exploding boat.”

“It may be we’ve just rescued a trio of double agents and what they really want is your sub. or something on it. We don’t really even know if they are communicating with Fleming so if I were you I’d contact the Admiralty independently to confirm that they actually are.”

“I’d disarm their weapons too, or load them with blanks.”

“In fact, if this is the final mission, and they’re not involved – is there any harm in confining them all anyway. Just to be safe?”

Lieutenant Clutterbuck is silent once again as he ponders the situation deeply. Finally he replies:

“Well I will certainly do whatever I can to secure the sub. I’ll restrict access to all of the important areas and issue all officers with sidearms. I don’t want to make things too obvious that we’re on to him or her though. I know that no explosives are totally reliable and so there may be a good chance that they think that the device simply malfunctioned rather than you’re finding it and disabling it before it could do any damage.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t have any authority over any of you. I am only a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, after all. I will try and see if I can get through to Fleming via the Admiralty.”

“All I know is that our next destination is going to be off Thessalonika, Greece according to Katherine. That’s where are are heading now and it will take us around four days to get there. I don’t know whether this is going to be the final part of the mission or not.”

“Paula is the one leading the S.I.S. mission while Katherine is the only one who knows the details of the next – or final – rendezvous. As for Jorge, I have no idea what his part in the whole affair is as he doesn’t seem to have much in the way of input.”

Traitor in the Midst
October 17, 1943

Terry has no problem maneuvering the dinghy and it takes less than an hour before the boat pulls up on the Libyan coastline and everyone splashes onshore.

After losing the last two boats, they take great care to hide it well this time. As they turn the boat over to reduce its profile, Piotr notices a patch on the bottom. A lumpy patch.

“What’s this?” he says. "I’m sure that it wasn’t there when we used this boat in Spain.

Taffy investigates the patch carefully and then peels it away. Beneath the patch, stuffed into the insides of the rubber dinghy is a timer, connected by wires to a detonating cap and a small amount of explosive."

“Well, well, well,” Taffy tuts. “it looks like someone wants us sunk. It’s only a small amount, but more than enough to take the bottom of the boat out. The timer is set for 0430 – exactly when we should be halfway between the shore and the sub.”

“It would appear that one of the S.I.S. agents is not on our side.”

This revelation sets the party members excitedly pointing the finger of blame at different agents, particularly Jorge.

“Well there’s nothing that we can do about it here, cobbers” says the Padre. “Let’s just finish the mission and get back safely on the sub. Then we can decide what to do about it.”

Taffy neatly snips the wire from the explosive before tucking it under the camouflaged boat.

“Evidence,” Taffy says to the others. “In case Lieutenant Clutterbuck thinks we were making it up.”

With that, the party members begin to make their in the direction of the farmhouse.

The Libyan Briefing
October 17, 1943

The party members assembled in Lieutenant Clutterbuck’s boardroom at noon, as requested. Paula is there already.

“Tonight is the next pick up, chaps,” Paula says. “Hopefully this one should be a lot easier than the others, what with Libya now being in our hands, so no problems with Jerry are anticipated this time.”

“And no hanging around at roadside shrines either this time.”

“The agent we are picking up this time is Ibrahim Haddad,” she continues. “There’s no longer any need for him to be here now that we control the country, so we are picking him up to reassign him.”

She produces a map of the Libyan coastline.

“Haddad is staying on a farm on the outskirts of Az-Zawiyah, exactly here,” she says, pointing at the map. We will drop you off just a mile from this beach here – just a mile from Haddad’s farm. So, as you can see, you only have to go a mile inland to the farm and a mile back."

“Here’s a recent picture of him. You just need to knock on the door of the farmhouse. He will be expecting you. The code phrase is ‘How many humps does a dromedary camel have?’, to which he will reply. “I’m an archaeologist, not a zoologist.”

“We can’t afford to lose any more time after our misadventures in Spain and Corsica, so please arrange to be back at the launch point no later than 0500.”

“Why are you telling us all this?” asks Taffy. “Are you not coming with us.”

“Not this time,” Paula replies. “I’m still debriefing Katherine on the Corsican situation and Jorge has got a cold. You six can handle it on your own, I’m sure. You’ve already proven that you are more than capable.”

“OK,” agrees Terry. “I’m sure that I can handle the boat.”


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