Escape From Stalag VIIIB

Waiting for an Escape Plan

17 September 1943

Being holed up in the crypt is starting to become a miserable experience. Conditions are cramped and it’s freezing cold down here being surrounded by nothing but rock. The party members are getting hungry too.

They each take it on turn to work on the tunnel. Maybe Father Petrek got it wrong though – they don’t seem to be getting anywhere close to finding an exit to the sewers.

The only piece of excitement – and hope – during the day comes late afternoon when Ata arrives bearing some meagre rations. Nothing to get excited about, but enough food to keep them from getting too hungry for another 24 hours. Ata is far from his usual cheery, optimistic self as he pays his visit. He tells the party members that the Nazis’ fury regarding the death of Heydrich seems to know no bounds – their search for his assassins is increasing rather than decreasing as they put all of the many resources at their disposal towards the hunt. He also tells them that, as retribution, the Nazis have totally destroyed one village outside Prague – Lidice – raising the village to the ground, murdering nearly 200 men and sending 300 women and children to concentration camps.

He tells them that The King is working hard on arranging an escape plan for them, however, which he hopes will be completed in a couple of days or so in order that they can get out of Prague and they can arrange a plane to pick them up and take them back to England. The party members just need to be patient.

Ata leaves them, and they continue to pass them time while waiting for The King to deliver on his promise of getting them out of here.



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